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Celebrate Chinese New Year at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo At Nile Plaza

Expect an authentic Chinese New Year experience, complete with decorations, dragon dancing, and an eight-course meal, to celebrate the Year of the Monkey.

Chinese New Year is confusing. It’s hard enough to keep things straight between the Islamic and Gregorian calendars so, throwing another lunar calendar into the mix makes our head hurt. It’s pretty neat though, each year gets a cute little animal for an annual mascot and the celebrations are totally spectacular. Celebrate this year, the year of the monkey - which is pretty much the coolest part of the Chinese zodiac after the dragon - with The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza in the utmost style. 
It starts at 10 AM with the Bai Sun ceremony in the entrance, followed by another at noon. Just look for the long table with the red tablecloth and all the snacks. There will also be a calligrapher on hand to create crazy-amazing works of art and a paper cutter (that's a thing) showing off her bodacious skills and giving away souvenirs. 
The ambiance comes together with lanterns, lucky coins, angpao envelopes and other authentic decorations as well as a violinist. The biggest and baddest bit of the whole event though is the Lion-Dragon dance. Twisting and turning and genuinely scaring the hell out of some of us, these epic performers start at 6PM and will be moving throughout the hotel, hoping to catch the oblivious unawares. 
The evening will be unforgettable but you’ll have plenty of souvenirs to remember it by anyway. Besides the paper and calligraphy, you’ll be taking home lucky coins and plenty of snacks and famous mooncakes. 
The best thing however, is the evening’s specially created eight-course menu. That's a lot of courses and we're pretty sure every one will be better than the next. It is 888LE++ for eight courses and includes the takeaway gifts and mooncakes.
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