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Chef Bobby Chinn Fires Up a New Show on Shahid

Chef Bobby Chinn's new cooking show 'Bekul Basata' ('Keep it Simple') is available exclusively on Shahid, where the half-Egyptian globetrotting chef will be able to share everything he learned throughout his career.

Born in New Zealand, educated in San Francisco, graduated from London, and opened his first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. With such an international background behind him, a stranger might be forgiven for not knowing that on top of all that, celebrity chef Bobby Chinn is half-Egyptian. But when you listen to him talk about food in an Arabic dialect that only his mum could have taught him, all doubt about his connection to Umm el Donia gets washed away. And with his new cooking show 'Bekul Basata' ('Keep it Simple'), available exclusively on Shahid, you'll be able to listen to him as long as you please.

'Bekul Basata' is catered to beginners in the kitchen, but will include some cooking hacks that can help even the most seasoned professionals. In essence, the show is a summary about what Chinn learned on his many travels and over the course of his career, where he has worked with some of the most accomplished chefs in the industry.

The six-episode programme will release a new episode every Thursday, and is available for anyone who is subscribed to Shahid VIP.