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China Educates Egypt

Hundreds of Egyptian students have been awarded scholarships to study in China.

The Chinese government has decided to grant an unprecedented 400 scholarships for Egyptian students to study in China this year. Usually, the cultural exchange agreement between Cairo University and Beijing University admits 15 students, while the Confucius Institute agreement grants an additional 25 scholarships to Egyptian students.

These numbers are according to Fu Zemin, President of the Arabic Department at Beijing University, who added that “we also grant two scholarships for Egyptian students to study in English at Chinese universities but no one has applied for them in three years.” 

Many Chinese students are very interested in studying in Egypt because of its weather and history but due to security issues, China didn't send any students this year. Another reason might be that China ranks #98 on the Education Index, while Egypt comes in at a poor #136. Students: if you have the chance, we suggest you pack your bags for China too.