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Cima Masr

From the people that bought us Mawenly, comes an ingenious new app that gives you all the information you need about cinemas, films and everything else you need to know when going to the movies...

Aside from the fact that 90% of the good bits are cut out of any film in Egyptian cinemas, there are some logistical problems we all face when heading out to the pictures. For instance, arriving too early because the listing you found was off or arriving too late as to miss the adverts and now all the tickets are sold out; taking your child to a Terminator film because the description said it was family friendly; missing out on your favourite movies' sequel because you had no idea it came out in Egypt... we could go on for ages.

However, all these problems and more may be solved by a few swipes on a smartphone screen thanks to a new app called Cima Masr. Developed by the same people behind Mawenly, the app that allows you to see which gas stations actually have gas; a lifesaver during the Morsi era, Cima Masr hopes to be the one-stop app for all things cinema in Egypt. The clean and friendly UI allows you to navigate between information on all the movies currently out in different cinemas around Egypt, with each film including its trailer, poster and screenshots, as well as user generated reviews and ratings. Very handy when you're trying to convince your girlfriend that not all that Gosling is gold.

The app doesn't just stop there but goes into the detail about your actual cinema experience, featuring info on screens, prices, shows timings and cinema capabilities like if children are allowed, ease of parking, food and drinks, and 3D availability, as well as a routing service to help you arrive to the nearest showing so you don't miss a minute.

Finally, the app also has options for push notifications with info on the latest cinema releases. All you cinephiles you can download the Cima Masr app now here