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Classic Local Brand Ayam Takes On a Modern Makeover

Egyptian wine Ayam is back with a modern twist.

Ayam Wine

It’s too often that we struggle in our quest to find the perfect bottle of wine, and the struggle is too real in Egypt. In to ease our dilemma is Local brand Ayam, the classic local wine brand, which just revamped itself into modernity while staying true to its legacy.

Ayam’s strong heritage is shown in their new label with Kasr El Nile bridge and Arabic calligraphy, yet, has a fresh modern feel in the design of smooth curves on the label itself. The revamp, however, wasn’t just for aesthetics; Ayam has also broadened their range of wine and given every item a revamp of itself. The range now includes Red, Rosé, Reserve (aged for 6 months in French oak casks), and white. Want to take it easy for the night? Now Ayam’s got you covered with small 187 ml bottles of wine in red and white.

Ayam’s makeover isn’t the only thing that makes it a wine brand; the long list of awards they have under their belt vouches for them enough - including AWC Vienna, IWSC, Decanter, IWC, and the Monde Selection two years in a row.

On your next night out or in, Ayam’s got a range of wines that’ll fit any occasion and taste. Finding a local brand that’s in the same league as those imported bottles you have to pay a kidney for is just unheard of, and we're literally living for it. 

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