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Cops Quiz Left Bank Valet Over Car Theft Ring

A woman went for a casual lunch at Zamalek's Left Bank last weekend, leaving her car with the compulsory valet service, only to come out and find that her car was nowhere to be found…

Police were today questioning a valet at one of Cairo's top restaurants following a spate of customer car thefts.

The incident at Left Bank came to light after one regular customer left her car in the hands of the venue's valet service last weekend. When she returned the car was gone - with no reasonable explanation from the valet.

The woman has since spoken out on social media in an effort to seek justice. The customer is now in talks with the restaurant in a bid to settle a substantial compensation claim.

Worryingly the theft is believed to be just one of many, as other vehicles have reportedly disappeared while under staff supervision in recent months.

A source told Cairo Scene: "This is not the first time it has happened. A number of vehicles have previousy ended up missing but nobody is sure if it was the same person or a network of car thieves. It is shocking."

A valet has since been questioned and charged with negligence in connection with the latest incident.

A statement from the restaurant said: "We are devastated that this has happened to one of our customers and we have assigned a team working closely with the police following up with the case to locate the car. Police are still looking for the car in Zamalek and have reason to believe that it hasn’t left the island. We are extremely appalled with the negligence of the valet attendant and fully understand that our customers are very upset with this incident."