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Corruption at Miss BumBum 2013

Brazil's butt beauty contest has been rocked by corruption and scandal. Seriously.

Brazil has experienced a lot anger turning into protests over corruption and wage disparity ahead of hosting the World Cup in 2014. It is clear that Brazil has a lot of problems, but among the most evident issues is corruption. So much so that this year's Miss Bumbum 2013 has been marred by the allegations that judges of the bootylicious competition have been bought.

Two contestants Mari Sousa, 25, and Eliana Amaral, 24, are accused of paying the equivalent of thousands of dollars in bribes to judges in the 2013 Miss Bumbum competition, in the nationwide contest to find the woman with Brazil's most bodacious butt.

With a fortune to be made from endorsements and fame, this competition has become cutthroat and, just like the government, has been rocked by corruption.

According to O Dia, a Brazilian Newspaper, Amaral allegedly paid $32,000 to judges. Sousa was said to have topped that bribe. The results in Miss Bumbum aren't supposed to be announced until the contest concludes in November.

The article upset many of the contestants hoping to cash in on their assets, that they have taken to venting on social media. "It's no longer a secret to anyone that Miss Bumbum has been bought and already has a winner, Mari Sousa," Lopes, a contestant, told the Daily Mail.

No word if an investigation will be launched, but one thing that has become perfectly clear, that anything or anyone can be bought in Brazil. The only question left is will this silly competition add more fuel to the legitimate protests that continue to rage on?