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Could You Be an Israeli Spy? Find Out Here

The controversial Mossad agency opens up its hiring process by recruiting spies online.

Israeli spooks have released an online questionnaire designed to recruit would-be spies for the Zionist state. The shady spy group are encouraging wannabe spooks to “create history,” make their life and “join the invisible to make the impossible.”

Mossad has become one of the last intelligence agencies in the world to recruit volunteer spies online, opening the controversial job spot to those who previously considered it unattainable. The agency’s online recruiting website, available in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Persian and Russian, looks like a creatively designed product, wrapping spy activities in bright and attractive packaging.

In order to become a Mossad spy, canditates are first asked to complete an initial online job application. If a candidate is invited for an interview, there are three more detailed forms to be completed by hand: a medical confidentiality/information authorisation, security questionnaire and another security questionnaire for a spouse/partner.

The site's promotional campaign also includes a short video depicting the secretive activities of the agency’s members and called on would-be spies to join the agency's ranks.