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Craffiti: Egyptian Handicrafts Exhibition to Commence Today

The exhibition in honour of Egypt's handicrafts heritage will take place at the Cairo International Conference Centre.


Egyptians are notably talented with handcrafts. Since the time of the Pharaohs, Egyptians have continually made beautiful, intricate pieces of art that shone through the ages. Honouring that tradition is Craffiti, a handicrafts exhibition taking place at the Cairo International Conference Centre on November 15th until November 23rd. The exhibition is organized by the Egyptian Handicrafts Industry Chamber (EHIC) and the Egyptian Export Council for Handicrafts (EECH), and supported by the Union of Trade and Industry, the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The exhibition will display pieces that fall under pottery, accessories, candles, weavings amongst others, created by one hundred local and international artists, specialized in handcrafts and design.

On the significance of this exhibition, board member of the FEI Hisham El-Gazzar shared with Ahram Online that as a result of the exhibition, several European, American and Arab countries were interested in exporting the Egyptian products.

This exhibition is a wonderful, creative way to shed light on a type of art that is not given the attention it deserves, and to cherish the ancient Egyptian tradition of artistry.