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Creativity Springs Up at Pop Art Space in Zamalek

Zamalek's Pop Art Space is a cafe that's already serving as a community hub for Cairo creatives of all kinds between film screenings, game nights and parties.

You’ve finally been seen fellow ‘Kooks’ lovers and leather blazer wearers. We know that as a Cairene creative, those hours spent curating the perfect set of silver rings and vintage sunnies have gotten you as far as the coffee shop down the street, but fret not because all those bleak afternoons spent at chain coffee shops have finally been remedied and it’s all thanks to Zamalek-based creativity hub, Pop Art Space. 

Having hosted the likes of Wegz, Ahmed Bassiouny, Khaled Mokhtar, Dina ElWedidi, and Omar Sherif, the space procures a jaw-dropping collection of 70s Retro furniture and black and white interiors. Just in time to amp up those lackluster Thursday nights where you’d literally rather do anything with your friends as long as it’s not dinner at another Tagamoa restaurant. 

Whilst still fairly new, Pop Art Space is already serving as a community hub for Cairo creatives of all kinds between film screenings and game nights. Every Wednesday night is Movie Night, and Fridays are pretty much the exclusive party days - with a variety of ongoing celebratory gigs - for the overworked babies out there. So far the movies streamed are aligning with that grunge-core, Indie kid vibe we’ve been picking up on with movies like ‘Amélie’, ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', as well as the 1995 classic, ‘The Usual Suspects.’