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Cuba Comes to Cairo

Bringing all the heat and flavour of the Latin world, Los Compadres hit the stage at Cairo Jazz Club on Sunday 1st August. Here's what to expect...

Diversity for most Egyptian party goers may mean instead of listening to Commercial House at a club, they'll listen to Commercial House in their car. Well, here comes something right out of left wing, no pun intended, as Ashraf Habashi leads Los Compadres, Egypt’s first and only Buena Vista Social Club tribute act at Cairo Jazz Club on Sunday 1st August.

No strangers to the CJC stage, the motley crew of musicians take their inspiration from the barrios of Havana and the culture of Cuba which exploded on the world stage at the hands of the Buena Vista Social Club in the 90s, decades after the club itself closed down. With a musical style so unique, the musicians were able to defy genres and create an eponymous one that’s all their own. With years of experience, Los Compadres are able to emulate this style as they pull out all the stops, bongos, maracas, brass and all, bringing the heat of Havana alive in Cairo.

After a week at the beach, this is night is bound to ease you back into city living. Get a taste of what’s in store with the track below and get ready to unleash your inner Latino/a!