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Dahab Launches Campaign to Become Plastic-Free Town

The news comes after Hurghada announced a city-wide band on the use of disposable plastics.

Dahab Launches Campaign to Become Plastic-Free Town

After it was announced that the Red Sea governorate is to ban single-use and disposable plastic in Hughada, Dahab's City Council President, Tarek El Baz, has a revealed that the Sinai paradise is looking to follow suit with a new campaign aiming to prevent widespread use of plastics, according to Daily News Egypt.

Aiming to preserve one of Egypt's and the region’s most bio-diverse ecosystem, El Baz stated that and the abundance of waste has reached a peak. El Baz added that educational programs will accompany the launch of the initiative, under the slogan of ‘Dahab Without Plastic’, for hospitality employees to help inform and raise awareness on the matter, explicitly explaining the negative impact of plastic waste on marine life.

According to the Egyptian Plastic Technology Centre, Egypt’s waste output has reached 16.2 million tonnes annually, with 6% representing plastic waste that plagues most coasts and marine life. Plastic waste also accounts for the death 1 million seabirds, and 100,000 marine mammals annually, according to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).