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Dar Al Iftaa Releases Hashtag to Affirm Birth Control in Islam

Dar Al Iftaa is spreading the hashtag #تنظيم_النسل_جائز to spread the word about their new fatwa, which rules that birth control is permissible.

Dar Al Iftaa took to their Facebook page to confirm that the use of birth control is permissible, spreading the word with their hashtag #تنظيم_النسل_جائز.

Dar Al Iftaa published a detailed fatwa on the subject through the website, which rules that the Holy Quran does not explicitly prohibit the use of birth control measures. Rather, the fatwa emphasises that the Quran prohibits reproduction outside the marital union.

The fatwa also states that the subject has been one of controversy, with four main schools of thought surrounding the permissibility of birth control. Some schools allow it without exception, while others forbid it just as widely. But in conclusion, Dar Al Iftaa found that within the Shafi’i school - which is the most widely practiced school in Egypt - it is found to be permissible if used with legitimate reason behind it, such as preventing the financial burdens of having too many children, or preserving the life of the mother if it would otherwise be threatened by childbirth.