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Dead Fish Rise on the Nile

Disturbing news comes out of Egypt today, as scores of dead fish have emerged, floating on the Nile at Desouk, as fishermen panic at the state of Egypt's source of life.

Well, we all know the air isn't safe to breathe, and the tap water isn't safe to drink, but now Egyptians are having to deal with the reality that their fish may not be safe to eat. Increasing numbers of dead fish are rising to the surface of the Nile. This is happening at Nile's Rosetta branch near the coastal city of Desouk, signalling that there may indeed be a serious environmental disaster that could be underway.

It is unclear what is responsible for the increase in dead fish, but fisherman are reporting a foul stench, and at first believed that it was coming from sewage or industrial waste factories. At the same time, residents have complained to the council that this situation has been ongoing for the last three days, and that the number of dead fish are increasing and discolouring the water. In response the governor has formed a committee to take sample of the fish and the water to a central lab in Kafr al-Sheikh, in hopes of determining the causes.

So far, the only explanation provided is by Hani al-Mahlawy of the Preventive Security Administration, who claims the fish are dying due to the winter blockage of the Nile water, reducing the much needed oxygen levels in the water.

It is no secret that the Nile is dirty and we here at CairoScene aren't sure that this is simply the result of one, new problem. There are a myriad of issues when talking about the way of Egyptians treat the Nile, and until we treat the Nile like our ancestors did, as the source of life, nothing will change and more fish will die.

All we know is that the example below isn't helping the situation and actually happens on a daily basis.

Video by CairoScene's Eihab Boraie.