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Dine & Dance

Take your dancing shoes and your taste buds on a tantalising trip as the Semiramis hosts the one and only Ahmed Harfoush this Thursday.

You have 250 LE to your name. Now, you could spend that money on going to an over-indulgent elitist shindig, where your money gets you a tall glass of Sprite and a whole lot of awkward standing around/dancing to songs which all sound exactly the same. You could go to a Haram Street cabaret and make it rain on a horizontally gifted belly dancer or spend it on a round of beers in a Downtown bar, make friends with 60-year-olds and talk about the good old days before you wake up with a hangover and realise you've just spent your last dolla' on a bunch of old dudes you'll never see again because you have no friends. Altertnatively you could buy 1000 Chiclets and spend the night organising them into a beautiful mosaic and then eat one and cry yourself to sleep. These are all fantastic ways to spend your Thursday night but we have another option. 

Della Contadina Pizza at Pane Vino

The lovely Pane Vino terrace at the InterContinental Semiramis will be hosting Mr. Jazz Hands extraordinaire himself, Ahmed Harfoush, who'll be transporting guests to a sepia-toned era of sophisticated opulance with his delightful baritone, belting out Jazz hit after Jazz hit. When you're done clicking your fingers and tipping your trilbies, expect a table spread full of delicious Italian, Lebanese and Thai cuisine to tickle your taste buds into a flavoured ecstasy. All of that for 250 LE... what a co-incidence!
There'll also be special deals on wine, and bouchon is available. If, unlike our anecdote, you have more than 250 LE to spend, the Semiramis has a unmissable deal on rooms for that night: only 500 LE for a double room including breakfast the next morning. Thursday night settled then.
Book for Pane Vino online at or call 02-279 71818. Keep up to date with everything happening at the Semiramis here