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Discovery Channel to Air Live Opening of Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus This April

"The most frightening expedition of all time."

Discovery Channel

Opening an Ancient Egypt sarcophagus is not for the faint of heart. As the myth goes, anyone who disturbs the mummy of a pharaoh is doomed to a life of misfortune, disease, or even death. This did little to stop Josh Gates, famed American TV presenter and explorer, from not only opening sarcophagus, but doing so in front of cameras

In an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel's Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live, Gates digs into the secrets of the pharaohs by excavating an unexplored 3000-year-old tomb near the Pyramids of Giza. The two-hour special is set to air on April 7th, and is to be the second part of the Ancient-Egypt focused series, with the first part, titled Egypt's Lost Queens, having aired in February 2018.  

In a talk with People Now channel, Gates described the experience as his "most frightening expedition of all time."  However if the curse of the pharaohs proves to be even remotely true, Gates is yet to be acquainted with what real fear is.

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