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Down by the Riverside

Never failing to entertain, Zamalek's Riverside restobar has a schedule of brilliant events this week, including their first karaoke night, a debut by Greece's Heavy Pins and a free bottle of wine with every steak this Saturday...

Swanky Zamalek hot spot Riverside, has pretty much had people raving about it since the day it opened. Their nights range from relaxed lounge-style dinner and drinks after work to amped up beats and a healthy dose of shenanigans. This week is no exception as the snazzy Nile-side spot has a seriously cool schedule up their sleeves, plus an epic month-long deal that involves – wait for it – free wine. FREE WINE WE SAY.

Tonight the lounge is taking people on a smooth and jazzy ride as Ahmed Harfoush hits the place doing what he does best: jazz hands! Just kidding; the crooner will be serenading the ever-stylish crowd at their Jazzing By The River night. Read: lots of cocktails, and flowing conversation.

Kicking off this Wednesday, every Wednesday henceforth will be their Sing Like a Star karaoke night. Now let’s be honest, ain’t nobody gonna sing like a star. You’re going to sing like a tone-deaf, entirely off-key giraffe. But you know what the great thing about karaoke nights is? Booze. A little liquid courage should mean you have no trouble getting up on that stage and belting out some tunes in your incredibly off-key voice. And everyone else will be buzzed and boozy too, meaning to them, you shall sound like Mariah Carey’s long lost twin. And even if you don’t, don’t worry, stay safe in the knowledge that anyone who gets up that stage will sound just as bad as you. That is the precisely the point of karaoke night. Equally bad voices, amazing entertainment value. Now for those brave souls who get up there and sing, at the end of the night there will be a male and female winner. When we say winner, we don't mean you get a plastic tiara, we mean you'll be winning things like perfumes and cellphone. So yes, you should get up and sing your little heart out. 

On Thursday, Tamer Hegazy will throw you into a tizzy and finally Friday will be one of their classic Riverdeep nights. This time around they’ve tapped international beat masters Heavy Pins to work their musical wizardry and ensure you have a Friday night of nonstop dancing that then spills over into a Saturday morning.

And finally, on Saturday (here comes the free wine), which is recovery day as far as we’re concerned, where the ideal day involves you waking up mid-afternoon, at night going out and indulging in a fabulous dinner and a bottle of wine, and hitting the hay early enough to manage work the next morning. Riverside ticks all the boxes with their weekly Saturday Wine & Dine evenings. From 9PM to 12AM, order up a juicy steak and with every order you get a free bottle of wine. Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes. Oh yes indeed. We know what we’re doing every Saturday from here till eternity… Or until this offer ends which will be the 28th of March so catch it while you can. Plus Yousef Megalli will be performing his golden oldies. Cool story bro, now where’s the wine?

You can check out their Facebook page here