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Dowry Jewellery (Shabka) To Be Abolished in Qena?

A group of young men in Qena want to abolish the tradition of dowry jewellery due to recent rise in gold prices.

A number of young men have launched a campaign calling for abolishing dowry jewellery - the tradition by which a man is required to buy a woman jewellery before he can ask her hand in marriage, reports Al Mesryoon. 

The campaign started in the villages of Toukh and Danfeeq Koum Belal in Naqada, Qena, in an effort to alleviate marriage expenses in light of the recent hike in gold prices. Residents of the villages believe the move would solve spinsterhood and bachelorhood.  

Many welcomed the proposal; while it was being discussed during a town hall meeting, one man even went as far as relinquishing his daughter’s dowry jewellery whose marriage is approaching. The communities' elders also said there would be further discussions held to determine the manner in which such a newfound norm can be generalised and applied.