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10 Things to Do on a Dry Night

Tonight is a dry night in Egypt. For those on a social rampage, going out every night, getting wasted and forgetting their purpose as humans, it can be the toughest day of the year.

Who is going to look after the bored little guy in his BMW and Hermes belt, all dressed up with no where to go? CairoScene, that’s who. We care about you people. Here are some suggestions for you guys to get through the night. Stay strong.

1. Prescription pills (you don’t need a prescription).

2. Reply to all your spam e-mails.

3. Elope with a foreigner and head to a hotel bar. Divorce when tab comes.

4. Read the fine print on your Apple products.

5. Organise your porn collection.

6. Call Drinkies (yesterday).

7. Catch up with your bawab.

8.  Multi-coloured marker pens (Sniffing each colour will give a different emotional high).

9. Call Ayman Baky and try to get on the guestlist for his house.

10. Spot the fighter jets.