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Dumb Ways to Die... In Egypt

There are plenty of ways to get yourself killed these days, but the Egyptian sense of humour will always live on.

Egypt is undoubtedly a dangerous place which lacks any resemblance of safety laws or procedures. Ten people will ride one motorbike, without helmets, there are no lines on the road, sexual assault runs rife, thugs stalk unsuspecting victims on the desert roads, tempting seafood from a cart gives you food poisoning, it's hell for asthmatics....Yet, despite the bad cards we've been dealt, Egyptians never lose their humor.

A jovial new fanpage called 'Dumb Ways to Die in Egypt' has taken the viral branding for health and safety from Melbourne based Metro Trains and pokes fun at the perilous ways one could lose their life in this precarious city, sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically...

Wait for the police to break up a fight...

  Actually drink from the Nile...

Get drafted into the army...

And, our favourite: get caught with your ex on CairoZoom...

As lighthearted as the page is we hope it will also bring awareness to people to look after themselves and the people around them a bit better and think about the safety of the consequences of their actions. God knows we need it.

Check out more Dumb Ways to Die in Egypt here

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