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EU Pledges $96 Million to Egypt for COVID-19 Crisis

In a recent decision, the European Union has allocated a huge budget of $96 million to help support Egypt’s healthcare system.


On the heels of Egypt’s COVID-19 cases reportedly passing 1,000, the European Union Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood, Oliver Varhelyi, has announced that up to $96 million of financial aid will be allocated for Egypt to better allow the state to support the immediate needs of the healthcare system.

Varhelyi stressed the importance of nations supporting one another during this tumultuous time, with the worldwide number of Coronavirus cases now exceeding a million.

While Egypt’s recorded cases are lower than most, the aid intends to address the issue before it spirals out of control, as has been the case with nations such as Italy and Spain. The move comes as part of the sweeping measures taken by the EU, which also pledged financial aid to six Eastern European countries last week, while working in collaboration with the WHO to channel financial aid to those who need it as efficiently as possible.