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Earthdance: Hippies to Host a 24 Hour Party

Turn on, tune in and drop out at the latest installation of the annual Earthdance music and arts festival, set to take place in Dahab on September 20.

Here in Cairo we could all do with a little more peace and love - and those fun-loving hippies in Sinai are more than happy to share their annual Earthdance music and arts festival.

The latest installment takes place on September 20 and features stomping on-stage sets psytrance legends including Lebanon's Psychogenesis; Palestine's Strange Blotter and Germany's one and only Beathead.

As per usual, the festival will include a healthy dose of peace, love and Sinai-style freedom. The event will feature artists from Lebanon, Palestine, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and, of course, local Egyptian DJ talent.

And Germany's Flouronauten Decoration will be on hand to transform the beautiful desert into a super-cool psychedelic paradise. Festival organiser Jannik Beathead told CairoScene about the beautiful ambitions behind the latest stunt.

He said, "Everywhere around the world on this day people of any religion, gender, skin color or personality are coming together to celebrate a united and linked festival. Demonstrating that we are ONE family that acts and sustains globally."

Meanwhile Beathead also claims that the day-long shindig will feature a sound environmental message. He added, "We care about our planet, we care about the peace between all humans and we want to create and support a global awareness in present, future and all dimensions!"

This year's party will also run alongside live concert night 'In Paralell' - ensuring that all tastes are met.

For tickets and more information visit Earthdance's Facebook page.