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Egypt's First Bellydancing Reality Show Axed

The first belly dancing reality show in Egypt was pulled off the air after just one episode, following condemnation by top Muslim clerics in Egypt claiming that the show is a corrupting influence.

Egypt's first belly dancing reality show has been axed after it was branded 'pornographic' by Islamic hardliners.

'The Dancer' - which aired on the Al-Kahera Wal Nas TV channel - was scrapped after just one episode, according to a statement from the channel today.

The move comes after the show's premiere screening, aired on Monday night, was slammed by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in a joint statement signed by several Islamic figures, including three Al-Azhar professors.

Meanwhile Dar al-Ifta also issued a statement claiming that the show was “corrupting morals” in Egypt.

Samir Sabry, a lawyer speaking on behalf of Sheikh Kalied Al-Gendy and Sheikh Mazhar Shahien, branded the show “the same as any pornographic programme,” and demanded that it be cancelled.

Legal experts are now launching a case to refer the channel to the Penal Court. The lawyer added “that there is a huge different between freedom of creativity and rudeness,” and demanded the referral of the channel owner to the penal court.

Al-Kahera Wal Nas TV bosses were unavailable for comment today, but a statement cited “inappropriate timing” given the recent deaths of 10 soldiers in the Sinai region on Tuesday.

“We used to share our state through its sad and happy times, and after this painful incident we will put the mourning sign on our screen and reconsider ‘The Dancer’.”

Here's a clip from the show's first episode. Do you think the show should've been axed?