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Egypt's Net: Worst in Africa

Granted, this might not sound like news but a new study has revealed that our internet is the most expensive on the continent, while confirming that the speeds advertised are rarely what we actually get.

We all know that the internet in Egypt is painfully slow and ridiculously expensive. Finally, a recent study published by broadband statistics and analysis firm Point Topic concludes that Africa's broadband is the slowest, and most expensive in the world.

The document shows that the global average is US$75 a month and, while every country in Africa has their own rate, Egypt has been singled out as the most expensive on the continent with an average rate of US$200 a month.

The only other country singled out on the report is South Africa, which has been deemed the slowest internet on the continent.

Most of this won't come as news to those in the know, as several studies have said much of the same. The real revelations in this particular study, is that Egypt, much like South Africa, is receiving far slower broadband speeds than advertised, resulting in users only receiving around 76%of the speed promised to them.