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Egypt's Spy Kids

Airport officials intercepted a suspicious package that arrived in Cairo recently, only to find it was a children's toy.

Over-zealous airport security chiefs have been left red-faced after mistaking a childrens' toy for a top secret spy plane. Customs at Cairo International Airport seized the 'spy' device which had been sent by airmail to a recipient in Cairo from the USA. Officials claim that the 'spy' kit was of intelligence grade quality and had the capibilities to record high quality video and audio which, presumably in their eyes, would then be sent to the CIA, Muslim Brotherhood or other ghoulish characters.

However, what bungling securicrats failed to recognise is that their find was in fact a 'quadcopter' - a remote controlled childrens toy, readily available for sale from US-based sites including Amazon and Ebay. The toy is a pretty terrible attempt at espionage thanks to its limited features, range, battery life - oh and did we mention - it's for children. However, the recipient of this toy is now being investigated.

The news comes just weeks after security goons nabbed nine similar toy planes equipped with remotely-controlled spy cameras. They managed to seize the banned items on passengers coming from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome and Athens. Those accused were interrogated and could now face legal actions. The bizarre crackdown on kids' toys echoes a similar incident in which officials arrested a so-called spy-stork in Qena in August 2013.