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Egypt Announces Plans for Dedicated Electric Bus Lane on Ring Road to Reduce Traffic

The lane will reportedly also include bu stops along the highway.

Egypt Announce Plans for Dedicated Electric Bus Lane on Ring Road to Reduce Traffic

Ahh, the Ring Road. The centre of of all mayhem, the Pandora’s box of highways. Once you’re on it, your nerves are wrecked till your exit. Well, rejoice. The Egyptian government has announced plans to designate a lane on the infamous highway for large electric buses, with a view to reducing traffic, according to Youm7.

The buses would be granted a lane in which they can operate at high speed, with stations along the Ring Road in Cairo, Giza and Qalyubiya already in the preliminary stages of planning. With no fixed funding and execution set in stone yet, German and Swedish suppliers have offered to manufacture and supply the buses, according to Egypt Independent.

Transportation is one the main sources of air pollution in Egypt - among industry and open-air waste-burning - due to large consumption of energy. Electric buses wouldn’t only significantly diminish traffic, but the environmental impact and efficiency to be gained is worth it alone. Due to being powered electrically, and not using gasoline or diesel, it produces zero exhaust and have lower operating and maintenance costs, they also don’t sound like a moving foghorn anywhere they go.