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Egypt Comix Week Smothers Moez Street With Art

Round three of Egypt Comix Week delivers art, comics, and films from around the world to our very exclusive historical cultural hub!

When you go sauntering down the cobblestone paths of Moez Street this weekend, don’t forget to dress up and cosplay your favourite anime or comic character as you strut the streets of Khan El Khalili. Watch and become the art of the precinct as the world stops to glance at how Egyptians really walk.  

Starting today and until the 10th of December, the third round of Egypt Comix Week will exhibit the works of worldly artists who come from Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, and Austria, paired with our very own Egyptian comic creators. The relativity of Comix week fosters a cultural exchange between Egypt and other parts of the world; it also works to strengthen generational differences between illustrators in the Arab world through their common language.We’re often told that comics are for children, and that we have no business engaging in childish events. However, in reality, through events like Comix Week we can work towards highlighting contemporary issues, such as migration and refugees, in a relatable and somewhat humorous tone. We can work on introducing a platform for non-contentious discussions whilst dressed as Captain America or Sailor Moon.

The week will also include four beginner workshops where new comic writers, or anyone really, can learn the basic skills needed for publishing and beginning their comic career.

Galleries will be opened for viewing the individual works of international and Egyptian artists as well as the screening of various contemporary films in Medrar for Contemporary Art in Garden City extending to Beit El Suheimy in Moez Street, which means we have a reason to wander through the streets of Egypt dressed as whoever we want to and no one can bat an eyelash!

Check out all the details Egypt Comix Week's Facebook page: @EgyptComixWeek

Main image by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Fouad El Batrawy.