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Egypt Diplomats Rack Up $2m Car Fines in NYC

Egyptian diplomats in New York City have racked up a $2 million debt in unpaid parking tickets, in true Egyptian style…

Egyptian diplomats owe New York City traffic bosses almost $2million in unpaid parking tickets, it has emerged. Our ambassadors abroad managed to top a list of the worst offenders in unpaid parking tickets issued to foreign diplomatic vehicles. Insiders claim that most of the debt comes from tickets issued prior to a 2002 crackdown on traffic offences.

However, it's not just Egypt that has fallen afoul of the Big Apple's motoring laws. The Wall Street Journal says five countries owe more than $500,000: Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Morocco and Pakistan.

Meanwhile Egypt's UN Diplomatic Mission is so far staying silent on the matter. A spokesperson claimed that they were unaware of the issue when contacted by the newspaper.

The U.S. Department of State issues special license plates to the diplomatic community, although countries are still required to pay parking tickets.

Previously diplomats had enjoyed a relaxed policy in terms of traffic fines. However under a 2002 crackdown the city asked the State Department to surrender the offending license plates or face non-renewal of their registration.