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Egypt Gets Custom Vanity License Plates

The Interior Ministry announced the launch of a new website where motorists can bid on unique letter and number combinations for their license plates, with proceeds going to the Long Live Egypt fund...

Good news for the vain among us as the government has just announced a new scheme to allow motorists to bid for custom and unique license plates. The Interior Ministry made the announcement on Tuesday in a lavish press conference, and revealed that the launch of the website where vehicle owners can bid on the number plate of their dreams will be just two weeks from now.

The new initiative is being spearheaded Egypt’s Al-Ahly Bank, under the supervision of the Central Bank of Egypt and all proceeds are said to be heading for Sisi’s Ta7ya Masr (Long Live Egypt) fund for Egyptian development. The process of buying a unique character combination for your car follows the online auction format popularised by the likes of eBay and similar e-commerce site. The starting price for any given plate will depend on how special the combinations of numbers and letters are and each auction will run for three days before the plate is awarded to the highest bidder. There’ll be 300,000 vanity plates on offer and they can be registered at any traffic department across the country. Now – given the amount of three-letter swear words in Arabic, we can’t wait to see what the ever-hilarious Egyptian population will brandish their cars with.