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Egypt Issues its First Waste Management Law

Egypt has issued its first waste management law to improve national health, the environment and encourage foreign investment

In a county that produces an average of 50K-60K of waste per day (as of July 2020, according to Egypt’s Waste Management Regulatory Authority - so no mincing words there), and due its incredibly high costs, poor waste management has continuously been one of Egypt’s biggest environmental issues. In order to put those practices into the trash where they belong, Egypt has just issued its very first law to regulate waste management.

The law dictates that a new state authority will be wholly responsible for creating a national strategy to enhance Egypt’s waste handling, disposal and recycling. It will also mean the implementation of a roster of investment incentives to push garbage collectors, small companies, private contractors and recycling centres to join the formal waste management economy. This move is also expected to attract more foreign investment in Egypt’s waste management, according to Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad, and to push the inclusion for all formal and informal workers in the current waste management system.