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Egypt Photo Summit Set to Freeze Time

Set to take over the Greek Campus this May is the Egypt Photo Summit, a two-day event dedicated to all things photography...

The Greek Campus will be ready with its doors open and cameras poised for the Egypt Photo Summit next month. This summit, which is the first of its kind, is pushing the Egyptian photography industry to declare itself strong, independent and continue to grow.

Start your spring with a real lens opener as the Egypt Photo Summit takes place on the 1st and 2nd of May in the Greek Campus. This fast-paced whirlwind of a conference will combine numerous elements and individuals in the photography industry as well as those connected to it, all under one roof. Amateurs and professionals, local and international, videographers and models - whether behind the lens, in front of it, or wishing to be five feet from it, this is one event that you can confidently say has it all.

Connect with those that will inspire you, help you, do business with you or simply have an interesting story to tell. It will be an experience. The life of a photographer is never a dull one; a person capturing fleeting moments, a traveler, an analyser, capable of essentially freezing time - and don’t we all wish that we could freeze time? So you will find keynote speakers that will inspire you and shed light on different angles of the industry. You will find over 20 workshops and training sessions, you will be tutored, given advice and find yourself networking with like-minded and experienced individuals.

Head of the Photography Department at Al Masry El Youm, Hossam Diab and photojournalist Mohamed Hesham will give you an inside look into the politics behind photography. Tired of all the politics? With over fifteen years of international experience you have Ragaa Ghazi putting the art in make-up artist. Learn of his travels and explorations with travel photographer and photojournalist, Ahmed Hayman and see what it takes to have your camera take you on adventures all over the world. The beauty of photography is that it encompasses everything from snapping Beyonce, to lost tribes in remote lands, to conflict areas. 

After you've absorbed some knowledge from the pros, ready, set, shoot! A shutterbug crowd will get the chance to freeze time as attendees will come together and start clicking away during an open photo session after being intoxicated with inspiration and exposure to the world that is photography. If you just want to visually enjoy some art, browse through a beautiful photo exhibition that'll showcase a plethora of works created by masters of their trade.

With a myriad of elements, this summit will help the development and growth of the Egyptian photography industry, pushing the industry to make its footprint in the international arena.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page here