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Egypt Secures 30 Million Doses of Oxford’s COVID-19 Vaccine

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca's vaccine has been described as the most promising vaccine against the Coronavirus, and Egypt's Ministry of Health has secured 30 million doses of it.

When it comes to the Coronavirus, nobody can make any promises. But scientists are hard at work to find solutions that are, at the very least, promising (and yeah, there is a difference). Described as one of the more advanced developments for treating COVID-19 by the WHO, the University of Oxford and British company AstraZeneca have been hard at work to create a Coronavirus vaccine that may be released as early as September, 2020 - and Egypt has recently been able to reserve 30 million doses of it. The first batch will come out with an estimated 400 million doses, and will be recreated domestically by Egyptian company Vaccira.

Vaccines normally go through a three-phase process before they can be approved, and Oxford's 'AZD1222' vaccine is well on its way through Phase III. They've also been conducting human trials, which found that the vaccine produces antibody and T-cell responses to COVID-19, a development that is crucial in achieving immunity. Scientists so far believe that the vaccine has a high chance of preventing serious illness caused by COVID-19, though whether that holds up with mass use is something we can only cross our fingers for.