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Egypt To Brits: Stop Pooing in Our Pools

Apparently, a new trend has started among tourists, and one resort has had enough: repeated incidents of tourists defecating in pools prompted a mass warning to be sent out to all guests.

Egypt already has plenty of problems to work out, but proving to be the most ridiculous is that fact that tourists keep taking their dumps in Egyptian resort pools.

We know this seems absolutely absurd, but according to a story from UK's Metro Newspaper, “logging” as they call it, has become a trend. This disgusting bowl control problem became such a great deal that they have been forced to issue alerts to guests, that dropping their 'kids' at the pool is unacceptable and will result in fines if they are caught.

We all know accidents happen, but the problem is so severe that anyone caught pooping in the pool will face a fine of £1,400, the equivalent of $2,350. The message and fine were allegedly sent out to all guests, after one too many intoxicated British tourists decided that any container of water could be considered a loo.

The problem might sound exaggerated, but according to Nick Harris, a travel expert who understands the absurd nature of this craze, it has become a very serious problem.

According to Harris, "Some idiots think it is humorous to deliberately poo in a crowded pool and then sit back and watch the carnage unfold as people try to escape the pool like a panic scene from the film Jaws."