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VIDEO: University Professor Leaks Exam in Exchange for Bribe

A video shows a university doctor leaking an exam after accepting a bribe from some students at Damanhour University.

A few weeks ago, we have heard of leaked Thanwya Amma exams and the subsequent arrest of students who had their laptops and routers confiscated after creating Facebook pages to share the leaks. Today, Al Bawaba News uploaded a video on YouTube that is now going viral, as it shows a doctor at Damanhour University accepting a bribe in exchange for the exam paper and to make sure the proctors knew who they were and make sure they pass. 

One of the students talking to the the Doctor was asking him to refine all of their grades to “emteyaz” or “Gayed Gedan” (Excellent or Very Good).

From the angel this video was shot, it is clear that one of the students or all of them set up this trap for the Doctor, and shot the video through a hidden camera.

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