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Egypt's First Film Translated to Sign Language: 'Restricted Area - The Baron Empain Palace'

It's great that Egypt's film industry is moving towards addressing a broader audience, but why does the first Egyptian movie to be translated to sign language have to be a scary one?!

Egyptians with disabilities have always been marginalised and excluded from so many things, not the least of which is the country's movie industry. Hope is being renewed, however, that the Egyptian films will start addressing broader audiences with the release of the first Egyptian film to be tranlated to sign language.

The Mohamed Fekry-directed thriller, Manteqa Mahzoura - Qasr El Baron (Restricted Area - The Baron Empain Palace), follows the story of a filmmaker who sets out to unearth the myths surrounding the infamous palace with a documentary; however, because the palace has long been inaccessible to the public, he has to break the law and access the site illegally to complete hi project.

As with all thrillers, things go sour and the filmmaker and his crew get to experience firsthand what earned the palace its bad reputation.  

The film hit theatres yesterday – find showtimes and locations on CairoScene's cinema section