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Egypt’s Population to Reach 101 Million this Weekend

Since February 2020, Egypt’s population has been increasing by an average of 177 people per hour and is set to reach 101 million in the first week of October. That’s one million new people in eight months.

Here's a little food for thought as you head off for the holidays. The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics’ (CAPMAS) has just given us the heads up that the population will reach 101 million this weekend! That equates to about 177 Egyptians born every hour since the last count of 100 million in February.

To give you some context on our gargantuan growth, in 1960 our population was yet to even hit the 30 million mark, then at the turn of the new millennium, we were just under the 70 million mark. While the country plans to ease overcrowding by building 20 new cities - to accommodate 30 million people – the question is, what will we do about the millions more Egypt will have likely gained by the time construction is complete?