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Egypt to Build Its First Integrated 'Marble City'

In collaboration with Italian company Pedrini, Egypt is set to establish the city in the Red Sea's Galala

On Saturday, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, in collaboration with Italian company Pedrini, agreed on the establishment of an integrated city for marble industry in the Red Sea's Galala. 

The meeting included head of engineering authority of armed forced, Kamel El Wazir. Presidential spokesperson, Bassam Rady, adds that the city will include seven marble producing factories, a training institute for marble industry, and another complex for production requirements.

This comes alongside other major national projects currently being established in an effort to increase the use of Egypt’s natural resources, develop national industries and provide new job opportunities. The construction of Galala's integrated city aims to have Egypt globally recognised within the marble industry and have an internal provision for the market and to promote a stronger economy. 

Main Image: Perdini