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Egypt to Launch ‘Bike for Every Citizen’ Initiative

The initiative aims to tackle three pressing issues.

Egypt to Launch ‘Bike for Every Citizen’ Initiative

While a bicycle is unlikely to be high on the list of priorities for the average Egyptian, a new initiative is set to make owning a two-wheeled, pedalled vehicle much more accessible and affordable, according to Egypt Independent.

Through ‘Bike for Every Citizen’, the Ministry of Youth and Sport says it will tackle three issues: health and fitness, traffic and transportation, and fuel consumption and pollution. It will do so by teaming up with select manufacturers to offer bikes at lower prices through instalment plans. The initiative, which will be officially announced in September, will be active in all governorates, starting with Cairo and Giza.

The announcement comes as part of a renewed effort to tackle Egypt’s increasing obesity problem as well as the perceived general lack of health awareness in the population.

Main image courtesy of Profimedia