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EgyptAir Emergency Landing

An EgyptAir flight heading from Cairo to New York was forced to make an emergency stop due to a security threat...

So apparently an Egyptair flight headed from Cairo to JFK was diverted and forced to make an emergency landing in Glasgow after a passenger, BBC producer Nada Tawfik, discovered a note in the plane's toilet that read: "I'll set this plane on fire." Tawfik immediately approached a flight attendant with the note and said "I'm not sure if this is a prank," to which she replied "No, it can't be a prank." Worthy of note is that Tawfik discovered the note while she was changing her baby's diaper.

What we can conclude from this horribly worrisome incident is that:

- Some flight attendants take their jobs way too seriously.

- Glasgow may be the capital of Scotland.

- Once again EgyptAir fakes some story in desperate hopes of reminding us that it is actually still running as airline and not a tok-tok transport system. Yay Egyptair!