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EgyptAir Offers $25,000 to Crash Victims' Families

EgyptAir announced that they will be offering $25,000 in monetary compensation for families of the victims of flight MS 804.

The recent discovery of the black boxes from flight MS 804 have added new fuel to speculation of what's on the voice recorders. With theories ranging from terrorism to another mentally unbalanced person with ex-wife issues, it's not surprising that EgyptAir is already making arrangements to compensate the victims' families for their loss even before the truth is fully revealed.

According to Al Bawaba, in a statement given on Monday to the Council of Ministers, EgyptAir Chairman Safwat Muslim said, "the company announced that they have agreed to compensate the families of May's Mediterranean plane crash a total sum of $25,000 to be paid out over the next 48 hours."

We are curious how they put a value on the lives and the suffering of these families, to which Muslim has addressed by adding that "the amount, $25,000, is a temporary compensation based on international measures of insurance. It will be issued to everyone, including the [families of] the deceased staff."

Muslim ends his statement by saying the data from the black boxes will start being retrieved this week as the repairs were to be concluded later that day.