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Egyptian Businessman Found Bound and Murdered in South Africa

The victim, Mahmmood Khalid, was on a business trip to collect unsettled money.

south Africa police arrest

The body of an Egyptian businessman by the name of Mahmoud Khalid was found murdered in Guateng Dam, South Africa on Thursday, reports Sowetan Live.

Police reported to have found Khalid tied up with tape and chains, with evident marks of torture and assault on his body and multiple stabs to the neck.

The alleged murderers were caught and arrested on Thursday – three men and a woman who reportedly owed Khalid money. Khalid had visited their office to collect money that the suspects owed him.

“[The woman, 42,] was arrested in possession of items belonging to the Egyptian national. Some of these included the kitchenware he was selling,” a spokesperson from the police force said. “The three men, [aged] 18, 19 and 21, were arrested while allegedly trying to sell the victim’s blue Toyota Corolla at Mayibuye taxi rank in Rabie Ridge.

Khalid was in South Africa for a business trip as a kitchenware salesperson in Rabie Ridge, a suburb of Johannesburg. No photos or further info have been made public as of yet. 

Main image from Mpumalanga News.