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Egyptian Female Wrestling Champion Dies Crossing Cairo-Ismailia Road

Tragedy strikes Egypt's dangerous roads, this time claiming the life of wrestling champion Reem Magdy, who was hit and killed by a car while crossing the Cairo-Ismailia Road.

Tragic news is spreading that Reem Magdy, Egypt’s female freestyle wrestling world champion has been killed in a road accident in Egypt.

According to the Egyptian state news agency, the 16-year-old Egyptian was hit by a car while crossing the Cairo-Ismailia road, approximately 11 kilometers from the city of Ismailia. This young national hero recently won the gold medal in the African Championship for junior wrestlers and followed it with a bronze medal at the Cadet Wrestling World Championships and is the tragically the latest victim of Egypt's dangerous roads.

The World Health Organisation estimates nearly 12,000 deaths annually on Egyptian roads, which many believe is due to poor infrastructure maintenance and planning combined with rarely enforced traffic regulations.

Main Picture from Al Ahram