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Egyptian Gynaecology Professor Awarded Gold Medal by UK Royal Medical Society

The gynaecology professor is a pioneer in the field of vitro-fertilisation.

UK Royal Medical Society

Cairo University Professor of Gynecology, Mohammed Abou Al-Ghar, has been awarded a gold medal on Friday by the UK’s Royal Medical Society for his work in the field of reproductive health and infertility.

Mohamed Abu Al-Ghar

Ranking first in the field of women’s health, childbirth and reproduction, Abou Al-Ghar’s research contributed to the development of treatments for infertility, as well as reducing the risks that come from procedures such as in-vitro fertilisation, according to Head of the Royal Medical Society, Leslie Reagan.

In 1992, Abou Al-Ghar was chairman of both the Middle East Fertility Society and the Middle East Fertility Society Journal. He also founded the Middle East’s first children’s IVF centre in 1986, according to Reagan.

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