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Egyptian Journalist Maggie Michael Wins Highest Associated Press Award for Yemen Coverage

The Egyptian journalist was given the esteemed award for her work on the Yemen war.

Olive S.

Egyptian journalist, Maggie Michael has just won the prestigious Oliver S. Gramling award for her compelling investigative work on the war-torn Yemen.

Granted by the Associated Press, the yearly award has been given to Michael for her coverage and reporting on the Yemen war, the most renowned of which was her investigative work on the secret Emirati prisons in Yemen. 

Michael also covered the child famine resulting from the war as well as the marriage of minors in Yemen. The Egyptian journalist has been granted USD 10,000 in recognition for her work in reporting conflict in the MENA region, at the times at the cost of her own personal safety. 

Having worked with the Associated Press for 15 years, Michael has reported on several areas within the region facing instability and conflict including Iraq and Libya, among other countries. With her coverage of Yemen War, the Egyptian journalist managed to help uncover the injustices that were going on as a result of the conflict.  

The Oliver S.Gramling award is one of professional excellence and was first founded in 1994. The award is the highest internal honor within the Associated Press where the panel of judges is made up of experts from across the news cooperative.

Michael is an Egyptian investigative reporter who has previously won awards for her international reporting including one from the Overseas Press Club (OPC) which she received earlier this year.