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Egyptian Man Reportedly Beaten by Abu Mazen Restaurant Staff for Parking his Car Outside

One of the restaurant's employees allegedly knocked the victim unconscious with a long skewer.

Less than 24 hours after the burial of Mohamed Bayoumy, the Egyptian young man who was allegedly killed by Keif Cafe's staff after the AFCON finals on Sunday, another case surfaced of a man who was attacked by Abu Mazen restaurant's staff in Nasr City on the same night. The victim, Abdel Rahman, is currently battling death after suffering from serious injuries due to the assault by the staff. The news was made public on the Facebook page 'Heliopolis Residents' and reported on by local news outlets.

Abdel Rahman left a paper note with his contact details on the windshield of the car, after it broke down in front of the restaurant. He later received a call from one of the restaurant's staff impersonating a police officer and asking him to go pick up his vehicle immediately. When he got there, the restaurant's staff reportedly provoked a huge fight with him, during which one knocked him unconscious with a long skewer, reports Youm7.Abdel Rahman was rushed to the hospital due to the gravity of his injuries. He is currently receiving medical attention at the intensive care unit. The police launched an investigation into the incident and reportedly arrested some of the restaurant's staff.