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Egyptian Museum Announces Plans to Launch Nighttime Visits to the Public

Antiquities Ministry proposes plan to light up the museum at night in order to stretch visiting hours and increase revenues.

Soon you'll be able to hunt Pokemon at night in the Egyptian Museum, or rather visit Egypt’s greatest antiquities treasures, as the Antiquities Ministry announced on Wednesday that they will be opening the museum to the public in the evening.

In order to open for evening hours, the proposal calls for a special lighting system installed within the museum to illuminate the galleries. According to the Head of the Museums Sector, Elham Salah, the idea was inspired by Tourism and Antiquities Police Department suggestions to install security lights on the premises to increase security. This idea led to the thinking that if the lights were installed inside the museum they would also be able to generate a much-needed new avenue of revenue that currently doesn’t exist.

Furthermore, in the dreadfully hot summer months, one can imagine that tourists would appreciate the opportunity to visit the museum during cooler evenings, not to mention generating an estimated LE 2 million in added revenue.