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Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Nominated for UNESO World Heritage Site

After its nomination by the Egyptian government, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir has been accepted into UNESCO's tentative list of World Heritage Sites due to its historical and cultural importance.

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Tahrir has made the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, after the international committee’s unanimous acceptance of Egypt’s nomination.

The Egyptian government plans on cementing the Museum as an international cornerstone of civilization. While the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza is expected to overshadow the Egyptian Museum as the biggest collection of Pharaonic artefacts in the world, the Tahrir museum stands as a historical monument in itself. Built in 1902 by Italian company Garozzo-Zaffarani and designed by French architect Marcel Dourgnon, the museum is the oldest (or rather the longest lasting) archaeological museum in the Middle East.