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Egyptian National Railways Introduces 'Top VIP' Service

The Egyptian National Railways is upgrading their service on select lines with their 'Top VIP' tickets from Cairo to Aswan, and from Cairo to Alexandria.

There's nothing quite like gazing out the window of a train and watching the Egyptian countryside roll on by but when the trip takes literal hours it all kind of blurs together doesn't it. There's nothing as hypnotising as Egypt's vibrant farmland on your ride to Aswan but a movie starring Liam Neeson would be a close second no? His accent is nearly as soothing at least.

The Egyptian National Railways is introducing a 'Top VIP' service on eight of its lines, with LCD screens fixed into the seats featuring a large selection of movies and entertainment. The VIP seats on the Cairo-Alexandria line will cost EGP 150, while the seats for the Cairo-Aswan line will run or EGP 350.