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Egyptian Professor Waguih ElMaraghy Receives Ontario's Order of Honour

The Order of Honour reflects its Professor Waguih ElMaraghy’s service to engineering as a profession, particular with the Professional Engineers in Ontario.

Egyptian Professor Waguih ElMaraghy recently won the Order of Honour, a prestigious award from the Professional Engineers in Ontario (PEO).

The Order of Honour reflects its recipient’s service to engineering as a profession, their contributions to its operational merit, or added to one of the many specialized functions of the professional association. Egypt’s own Waguih ElMaraghy Ph.D., P.Eng., FEC, FCAE, FCIRP, FASME, FSME, FCSME has been a long time professor at the University of Windsor, as well as a long-standing PEO volunteer, with service on the Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) since 1989, at which he is the committee’s vice chair.

Waguih ElMaraghy has dedicated up to three decades to ARC, making significant contributions by drafting committee policies and updating assessment guidelines for potential PEO applicant engineering reports. He has volunteered with the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), as well as the Canadian Engineering Qualification Board (CEQB).