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Egyptian Shortlisted to Colonise Mars

As the Mars One programme looks to send 24 humans to the Red Planet, Egyptian applicant Mohammed Sallam is one of the final 100 shortlisted to get a one-way ticket to space.

In 2024, a huge new version of Big Brother is going to launch. In it, 24 contestants from all over the world will be the star of a new show that shows them live their lives together in, well, let’s call it confinement. However, the new Big Brother show will not take place in America or Europe. Not on Earth, in fact. The new show will be brought to the people of Earth from Mars.

Mars One is the newest idea by space enthusiasts to find a new habitat for humankind. To fund this endeavour, the non-profit organisation has planned to utilise crowdfunding and sales. The idea of televising the whole thing has also been reported on. As a result, whoever goes on this trip has a chance to not just raise a new human colony on a new planet and potentially ensure survival of the species but also a certain amount of fame. The only catch? Well, it’s a one-way ticket. Mars is where they’re going… and where they’re staying.

200,000 people applied for the “honour” and last night the shortlist of 100 candidates has been chosen. These are the people that Mars One believes to be the best choices for raising a new colony on Mars, and who they think would make the best Founding Fathers for mankind on a new planet. We are delighted to be reporting that one of our very own, Mohammed Sallam, has been chosen to potentially take his Egyptian ancestry to Mars and help coloniae a new planet.

Stating the Ancient Egyptians as his inspiration to apply for Mars One, Sallam hopes to be chosen as one of the final 24 people who are going to Mars to die. The Pharaohs, he says in his application video, had dreams about going to different planets, and now it’s Sallam who can make this dream come true. We think it’s a great idea to take an Egyptian to Mars. Who could deal with all that traffic, pollution and noise up there?

In the third phase of the audition, groups of four will be evaluated on how well they will be able to coordinate through the lifelong job that will end in death. As there will only be 24 human beings on the entire planet, they better make sure they get along. We hope our Egyptian humour and loyalty impresses the groups, and we will be sending Egyptian DNA up to Mars in 2024 to start a new era in humanity. 

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